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    Forest Park, GA, US

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    Full Time

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    Current US Top Secret Clearance                              

NOTE: Work location is Atlanta, GA and OCONUS


  • Dynamic forensics team with many opportunities CONUS and OCONUS
  • Work with other forensic experts in various fields to support global forensics and biometrics labs both in the US and OCONUS.
  • This contract supports the overall Identity Management concept within the military services
  • Obtain some or enhance your experience working in a fully-functional government laboratory working closely with other forensics experts.


  • Man the Triage discipline with the lab architecture and participate in the execution of all necessary lab functions to eliminate the exposure of explosive materials to other lab personnel except when samples are required for examination within an appropriate discipline.
  • Use X-ray devices to confirm the presence of explosives within captured material, specifically recovered Improvised Explosive Device (IED) components and IED related material. 
  • Analyze the X-ray data to identify initiators, explosives, power sources, firing circuits, components, and booby traps.  Additional diagnostic tools shall be used if available to identify explosives. 
  • Use approved procedures, as define by Indian Head EOD Technology Division (IHEODTD), to perform material inspections and render safe procedures.
  • Location dependent, initiate the case and case priority in WEAT along with documenting the construction techniques and practices of any IED.  The devices shall be characterized in WEAT to document and compare against other IEDs and IED components from other events or other theaters.
  • For any explosive material, ensure all safety protocol for storage and handling are followed.  Perform examinations and analysis of all part of IEDs, electronic devices, and post blast materials to characterize the signal and Radio Frequency (RF) properties and theory of function.
  • Specify component nomenclatures and research to identify resources and specifications, reverse engineering the devices if required. 
  • Use laboratory measuring equipment, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, and associated instrumentation to perform exploitation of the devices and materials.  When possible the Contractor shall recover any stored data on the devices for further analysis.
  • Document all exploitation results in all required outputs such as component lists, circuit layouts, mechanical drawings, or in tools like WEAT. 
  • Assist in the creation of technical/scientific reports documenting the results of exploitation and analysis.

Required Qualifications:

  • Five (5) years of military EOD experience. Experience with lab level triage procedures, performing X-Rays and physical inspections of captured material to detect, identify, and render safe any initiators/explosives/power sources/firing circuits/components and booby traps. Experience with standard operating procedures for the storage, testing and transport of samples and components found in captured materials. Demonstrated ability to produce technical reports on findings and develop device profiles. Current knowledge of global IED device and Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTP) threats. Graduate of the Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal.
  • US Citizen
  • Able to obtain a US Secret Clearance and US Passport (those who already possess US Secret Clearance and passport preferred).
  • Meet government requirements for medical fitness
  • Work: Rotate between normal CONUS 40hour work schedule in Atlanta and an OCONUS work schedule up to 84 hours/week.
  • Attend pre-deployment training
  • Able to lift 70 lbs. to a working height of 48 inches
  • Able to perform general office and laboratory duties/functions

US Clearance: Current US Top Secret Clearance                              


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